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I'm a person who loves fruit. I also blog as often as possible about the things in my life, as well as detailed stories that are non-fiction and fiction.

Emanuel Swedenborg’s Heaven and Hell Chapter 5

The following is Chapter 5 of Emanuel Swedenborg’s book Heaven and Hell, taken from because their website is not mobile friendly. So I copied the preface here which will be read and discussed during our family study time this coming Saturday. Information about the Chinese translation of this book can be seen here.

THERE ARE THREE HEAVENS. There are three heavens, entirely distinct Read more...

Week 8: I Bought The Most Awesome Things!!

Hey guys, its Berry! Today I bought some sweet-riffic stuff! My sister’s birthday party is coming up, so I bought some things from Scholars Choice! I bought a blue rubber squishy stress ball, and, the most awesome thing there;


CRAZY AARONS THINKING PUTTY!!! Its the UV kind, and its really the most interesting Read more...

Week 7: Berry Picking!

Hi guys, its Berry! In a couple minutes, we are going to go to a place called The Saskaberry Ranch! Link will be at the end. They have veggies, free-range chicken eggs, strawberries, and the most famous berry there, Saskatoon berries! Oh, and people have been asking what type of berry I am named off. Technically, when I thought of the name, I thought of a strawberry, but now that I think about it, Read more...

Week 6: Again! So Sorry!

Hi guys, it’s Berry! If I didn’t post for the recent Slice of Life, that means I was busy. But now I’m back, and alive! So lets get this party started!

I’ve been noticing that I would really like to get some more pictures of things on my blog. So starting now more pictures! Anyway, remember, TONS of posts are coming soon to make up from my absence. So, my week was pretty good, Read more...


Hi guys, it’s Berry! I know, I know, I have not been posting in a long time, and  its not Sunday, but today, I am going to write this slice of life as long as I can do. I have a squishy package that I will open with my friend when we meet up. The website I got it from is called Silly Squishies! If you don’t know what a squishy is, its basically a soft, slow rising collectible that people Read more...