Update on Margaret’s Medical Treatments

Hi, this is Aubrey, Margaret’s husband.

Looks like Margaret had only the interest to add TWO updates about her treatments and conditions. Well, that is why I have to come in.

Basically, Margaret had finished all medical treatments by the middle of 2009 and she is doing very well. The medical treatments involved 4 sessions of chemo PLUS one year injection of Herceptin, to deal with the overexpression of the HER2 gene which caused the cancer in the first place. She went through all the difficulties associated with any chemo – side effects, loosing hairs, etc. After all the treatments were finished, we had a five-day trip to San Diego. Here are two pictures of Margaret I took on the trip – notice that she was NOT wearing a wig in these pictures:

img00570 img_0145

Here is the place you can see all other pictures we took on that trip:


If the above link does not work in your area, you can check this online album that is hosted in China:


Many thanks for your concerns and prayers for Margaret during this whole process!


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