Thoughts About Having Kids

I saw some pictures of our family today, all dated bout 8 years ago. We had gone on a cruise to San Diego after all my cancer treatments were done. The children were exhilarated. Their happiness was palpable. All the three of them were still young enough to hang on my arms and it was both non-stop happiness and non-stop work. The pictures conveyed the parts when I wasn’t working, but you know what it is to travel with a 7,5 and a 3 year old–not possible unless the husband chipped in!
The joy then still brought me joy today. How far we have come! What were unending rounds of cooking, cleaning and going to a job have finally produced three almost-grownup kids!! Five years of waking up at 3 AM to feed a hungry baby had conditioned me to wake up every night for 3 more years at that ghastly hour. Work, kids, more work starting at 11PM brought me despair and suicidal thoughts. But now all these were over. The seasons of such labour were over because they, like trees, have grown up and grown tall, and grown wide. I am left with beautiful pictures, pleasant memories and overwhelming satisfaction. I suddenly felt for the first time that I am on the other side of the hill…

Zepher, being the oldest (and the most handsome boy ever!! pardon the motherly pride), is thoughtful and fair. He does not decide quickly but carefully weighs the pros and cons. He works hard and does a good job in whatever he puts his hand to. He cares for the downtrodden. (Just like his mom! Pardon the pride again.)

EcarG is the older girl, so she gets to try lots of things first. New clothes, new ideas. She loves to be beautiful and smart. Oh, how I wish I was both beautiful and smart. Oh well, just have to work with being smart. haha. She is the only one that has persevered on the piano, so I get to enjoy it a lot. But truthfully, EcarG loves music and anything beautiful. May your days be filled with all things of the Lord, for He is the most beautiful of all.

Berry is the baby. Baby with a stuffed dog, baby with a stuffed pig, baby with a stuffed owl. Her next project is a new squishy. To use the squishy and to make stories with her Littlest Ponies. My baby is creative. She can make stories out of nothing. She can talk non-stop when she has a story to tell. Her stories are 20 pages long, single spaced–the mother says, it is too long!

May the mother grow up! Dear children, you have taught me new things and helped me to grow. Having children is for sure, better than attending classes. This is real life! We will continue to grow, to stretch, to do things we never thought possible! What a ride it has been to have children!

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