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Thoughts About Having Kids

I saw some pictures of our family today, all dated bout 8 years ago. We had gone on a cruise to San Diego after all my cancer treatments were done. The children were exhilarated. Their happiness was palpable. All the three of them were still young enough to hang on my arms and it was both non-stop happiness and non-stop work...

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Update on Margaret’s Medical Treatments

Hi, this is Aubrey, Margaret’s husband.

Looks like Margaret had only the interest to add TWO updates about her treatments and conditions. Well, that is why I have to come in.

Basically, Margaret had finished all medical treatments by the middle of 2009 and she is doing very well...

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My First Chemo August 13, 2008

This is the 13th after my first chemo. Started to feel bad about the 9th day, with low grade fever and a swelling throat. Unable to eat and swallow until the doctor prescribed antibiotics. Then the swelling went down. Fever also went down from about 38.7 to 36.9.

Now the hair is starting to fall out as well.

Otherwise feeling pretty good. Can eat small-grained foods, like rice, cereal...

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Diagnosis and Treatment

June 12, Surgery: left mastectonomy

Pathology report:  4.9cm Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ (DCIS, the kind that does not spread); among which is found multifocal invasive ductal carcinoma, largest focus is 2.5mm and is rated as Grade III. Lymph node 0 positive out of 2 (meaning the cancer has not spread to any neighboring lymph node)...

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Hello and welcome!

Welcome to my blog!

My husband, Aubrey, set this up for me to post thoughts and experience after I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Here is a picture Aubrey took before the chemo therapy started:

Enjoy and God bless you through His Son Jesus Christ the Lord!

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