Cat Toys and More!


So I recently tried the tutorial on
for how to fold plastic bags into compact triangles to maximize storage space. turns out, my cat loves playing with it, carrying the triangle and swatting it around. I suggest you try it!

Anyways, today our family went skiing for a full day, as a special treat, and since Read more...

An Ecosystem Changed By Wolves


An Ecosystem Changed By Wolves
January 29, 2015

            How did wolves change an ecosystem? When wolves were reintroduced in Yellowstone park for being absent for nearly 70 years, one of the most remarkable trophic cascades happened. The wolves first disappeared in 1930, and the deer there were eating all the plant life, but when wolves were reintroduced Read more...

Now On Sundays!

Sorry I have not been posting on Saturdays. It is just way too busy on Saturday, so now Daily Life is on Sundays.

I am currently reading the Divergent book series. Divergent is one of my favourite books, and I am reading Insurgent right now.
I also got my report card on Friday. I am really happy with my marks, getting four four’s in science, and no twos whatsoever.
I will post a

Mercy’s Very Own Category!


So, I’ve been thinking, and I want Mercy to have her very own category to post about her and her being funny. Just a thought, but it will be put into action! She is a prideful little animal, strutting around like she owns the place.

Another Natural World essay will also be posted soon.

Drawing Gemstones!

photo 4

I said I would post some drawings, so here are some gemstones. I will also post a drawing of a garnet, my birthstone, later. If you look at them farther away, it seems like they are real.
Pearl in silver setting

Yeah, I know the lighting is bad. I drew this for my sister, and her birthstone is a opal. This one specifically is an Australian black opal.



Cat Rant!

photo 4

I own a very cute cat named Mercy. She is a black and white mixed domestic longhair that is unbelievably fluffy. She likes naps on the bed, playing with lasers, watching birds, doing cat tricks, racing down the stairs, watching videos, and jumping up to the tallest level of our cat tree.

When she was found in a backyard, she was taken to Calgary Humane Society. They monitored Read more...