Vacation Time!

So Spring break has been pretty uneventful, it’s just me chilling on the couch, reading books, and gathering inspiration for future ideas. I keep all of my ideas in my bullet journal. Anyway, the main reason I am not going anywhere is that my mom has work. Oh work!

But this Friday, we are going to Fairmount bungalows, a place I really enjoyed going to. I don’t really remember what age Read more...

Busy, Busy, Busy!


Hi there,
I know I missed my time for Daily life, but I have a piano exam coming up and I have to practice, practice practice. Meanwhile, my cat can just run around carefree into a sunspot. Such is the small unfairness in life.

Here is a quote by Lao Tzu.

My understanding of it is this: In order to achieve your goals, you must take the first essential step. You will never reach Read more...

Highs and Lows

Okay, so this week was full of ups and downs. On Wednsday, I found out my essay got chosen, so it would be submitted into a contest. I was really happy, because only twelve people got chosen out of a hundred ten entries. When I got home, my sister received her long-awaited package, so we were cheerful and it seemed like a great day. Then my mom dropped the news; our grandpa had died in China, because Read more...


Yes I know that I missed my written time for Daily Life, but today is a special Daily Life.
Yay long weekend!
One fact you did not know about me, is that I have a bookmark collection. I saw some really nice printables on Pinterest, and I thought some new DIY bookmarks would be a great addition to my collection. If you do try out these printables for yourself, make sure you protect the Read more...

Chinese New Year!


Chinese New Year is one of my favourite holidays. It is the new year according to the lunar year calendar. This year is the year of the monkey. In China, Chinese New Year is today, but here it happens tomorrow.

Every year, we make decorations like banners, lanterns, drawings, etc. We also watch a Chinese New Year show, which is a tradition, and was released early yesterday morning. Read more...

Cat Toys and More!


So I recently tried the tutorial on
for how to fold plastic bags into compact triangles to maximize storage space. turns out, my cat loves playing with it, carrying the triangle and swatting it around. I suggest you try it!

Anyways, today our family went skiing for a full day, as a special treat, and since Read more...

Now On Sundays!

Sorry I have not been posting on Saturdays. It is just way too busy on Saturday, so now Daily Life is on Sundays.

I am currently reading the Divergent book series. Divergent is one of my favourite books, and I am reading Insurgent right now.
I also got my report card on Friday. I am really happy with my marks, getting four four’s in science, and no twos whatsoever.
I will post a