An Ecosystem Changed By Wolves


An Ecosystem Changed By Wolves
January 29, 2015

            How did wolves change an ecosystem? When wolves were reintroduced in Yellowstone park for being absent for nearly 70 years, one of the most remarkable trophic cascades happened. The wolves first disappeared in 1930, and the deer there were eating all the plant life, but when wolves were reintroduced Read more...

10 Interesting Plants You Didn’t Know About


1. Bleeding Tooth Fungus

The Bleeding Tooth Fungus is one of the weirdest-looking plants. The fungus is classified inedible, so at one time somebody tried to eat it. The fungus “bleeds” a blood-red substance that has antibacterial properties.

2. Victoria Amazonica (Giant Waterlily)

The Victoria Amazonica, or Giant Waterlily, has circular leaves that grow to 2.5 meters in size. Air in the spaces between the ribs allow the gigantic Read more...

Climate Change

Hi, it is me, Osprey! Today I’d like to introduce a important subject matter. Climate change is something that scientists have argued about for a long time, but here is a video talking about climate change and how glaciers are retreating because of it. I hope this video has an impact on some people.


How Do Bees Make Honey?


How Bees Make Honey

         The process of honey-making is truly remarkable, but how do bees do it? A colony of around 60,000 honeybees starts the honey-making process by collecting nectar, then bringing the nectar back to the hive, and finally the bees transform the nectar using some unique techniques into thick, golden honey. Most of the bees in the colony Read more...