Wow it’s 2017…

Hi there,
Wow! I haven’t posted in a year. Great job me. I’ve hopefully matured and learned since I have last posted. Maybe. Probably not.
I hope you pretty much take what I have posted before not too seriously. I keep it only for the laughs. For now, this blog will be a dump of what my life has been like, not really anything else. It’s too time consuming to curate Read more...

Five Interesting Facts About the Piano

upright piano

The upright piano

The grand piano

  1. The piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori, an Italian man. Unlike harpsichords, pianos could play smoothly. The first piano looked a bit like a harpsichord.
  2. Pianos have 52 white keys and 36 black keys. In total, the piano has 88 keys. Did you know piano keys were used to be made out of ivory?
  3. You might ask, the piano has strings,

Chinese New Year!


Chinese New Year is one of my favourite holidays. It is the new year according to the lunar year calendar. This year is the year of the monkey. In China, Chinese New Year is today, but here it happens tomorrow.

Every year, we make decorations like banners, lanterns, drawings, etc. We also watch a Chinese New Year show, which is a tradition, and was released early yesterday morning. Read more...

Mercy’s Very Own Category!


So, I’ve been thinking, and I want Mercy to have her very own category to post about her and her being funny. Just a thought, but it will be put into action! She is a prideful little animal, strutting around like she owns the place.

Another Natural World essay will also be posted soon.

Freedom Writers


I recently watched Freedom Writers, a true story based off the book The Freedom Writers Diary. It is about how Erin Gruwell begins teaching at Woodrow Wilson, Longbeach, California, but instead of teaching eager learners, she finds that the class is made up of people who divide themselves into racial groups. Gang fights often break out because of this. Erin has to find a way to gain the students Read more...

Hello World!

Hi, this is my first chirped post. On this blog, I will be posting some written texts about the natural world and some other funny or interesting things. For my next post, I will write an essay on how bees make honey for a homework assignment.

Talk to you later!



Hi, today I will state my schedule for this blog.

Saturday: Daily Life

Once a week I will post another article in a random category.