Wow it’s 2017…

Hi there,
Wow! I haven’t posted in a year. Great job me. I’ve hopefully matured and learned since I have last posted. Maybe. Probably not.
I hope you pretty much take what I have posted before not too seriously. I keep it only for the laughs. For now, this blog will be a dump of what my life has been like, not really anything else. It’s too time consuming to curate posts with interesting content every week, which is why I haven’t posted in a while, but actually writing about what I want to write will be more fulfilling. Also, I procrastinate. So no more deadlines. i’ll post when I want to and I won’t say when. Isn’t that the beauty of a blog is about? Your creation? Yea.

Yes, Mercy will still be a topic I’ll speak about.

Am I excited about this change? Yeah, i’ll try to post often.

Ospreys are really cool birds, but why choose that for a username? I don’t even know.
Maybe i’ll change it in the future, but I’ve never been good at picking out usernames. Even my Instagram account has an okay username, nothing amazing. Sometimes I look at other people’s usernames, and I’m like, “how did they think of this oh my gosh” type of thing. So yeah, not thinking of changing it anytime soon.

I am keeping this anonymous because you know why.

On another note, wow this website is way prettier than back then.
Yeah I intentionally put a photo for my website with a grand piano in the background. Just kidding, that photo is like a default photo for this theme.